Shocking *Limited Supply* Book Reveals What The EVIL Globalist Plan For The Future Of Humanity Is...

...And How YOU Can Be Prepared For What Is To Come!
“A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself; but the simple pass on, and are punished.” Proverbs 27:12 KJV
Justice Baxter,
Author of
"The Great Reset - A Conservative Stance Against The Global Agenda"
From the desk of: Justice Baxter (Vice President of Fisher Capital, The Great Reset Movie Executive Producer, Citizen of Heaven)
At This Very Moment, We Are Breathing In An Atmosphere Of Conspiracies...
There's conspiracy in the medical world, conspiracy in the food industry, in the financial sector, not to mention the music industry...

But you are now being introduced to the most controversial end-time book, which reveals the most dangerous, the most pernicious, the most imminent of all conspiracies...

..."The Great Reset" Plan.

Being a victim of this devious end-time plot is more than a mere misfortune... more than a big mistake... it is the point of no return in the downward march to perdition.
The Good Book says to stay alert and watch out for the enemy because he’s walking around like a roaring lion, looking for ways to swallow you up and anything valuable that you have.  When you knowingly keep your eyes closed to the truth, you willfully give the enemy the power to destroy you and take what belongs to you.

I’ve witnessed, far too often, the consequences of people who choose to ignore imminent devastation. Too many God-fearing people cross their fingers, say a light prayer, and stick their head in the dirt like an ostrich who sees the lion and hopes the lion doesn’t see them too. But for most ostriches without the sense to run, the lion eats their @#$%. And unfortunately, the people who follow that strategy often pay dearly too.
NOW is the time to take action! We have enemies that are both seen and unseen, but only due diligence will show you the ones that are hiding beneath policy and legislation. We have done the due diligence for you and compiled it in an easy to comprehend resource with revealing insight and tactical strategies for protecting yourself and those you love. But it's up to you to read it!
“A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.” Proverbs 27:12
But I believe that you are one of the smart ones. After all, you're here. I trust that you are reading this in time and you’re still in position to make the right decision and arm yourself with knowledge to protect yourself and those you love from the burden of caring for you in the aftermath of financial and societal devastation.

Having said that, allow me to introduce you to the ONLY book that is GUARANTEED to protect and save YOUR future!
The Great Reset
A Conservative Stance Against The Global Agenda
Here's What You'll Learn Inside This Eye-Opening, Truth-Revealing New Book:
  • Why The World Is Going Crazy Right Now.
  • Who Are Behind The Global Agenda.
  • ​How This “Reset” Of Civilization Will Affect You.
  • ​When The Next Big Event After COVID-19 Will Occur.
  • What Will Happen In 2022.
  • ​How The World Will Look Like In 2030.
  • ​What You Absolutely MUST Teach Your Children & Grandchildren So They Are Prepared For What Will Happen By The Year 2050.
  • ​How To Prepare Your Salvation & Finances For The Great Reset, So You Can Live Worry-Free and Align Your Will & Lifestyle With God’s Will.
Can you imagine the peace of mind and security knowing what the elite agenda is and how to insulate yourself from their evil "Great Reset" plot? The Word tells us that...
“A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children.” Proverbs 13:22
Your kids and grandkids will have a strong start and advantage in life, because you're "a good person" who cared enough to read a book that showed you exactly how to preserve your heritage and expand their future. Every sacrifice you made throughout your life will touch every following generation because you paved a path to a bright future that may never have known if not for your love. You will always be with them and not just the name of a great, great grandparent who is long forgotten.

Because of a sole decision that you have the power to make right now, all of your years of hard work and struggles will not have been in vain. Your love, memory and provision will live on forever!

It all begins with one very small decision to read a book; the most powerful book available anywhere online. Take the first step now and learn how you can safely and effectively managing your own retirement account. It's your responsibility to take full control of the safety and security of your future.

This book is in LIMITED SUPPLY and once they're gone, they're gone! So order your copy NOW!
“If you are trying to figure out where we are today in the economy and in our financial world this is the book you need to read to come to a better understanding.  In addition, if you want to find out where the leftists in this country are trying to take us; this will open your eyes to that.”
Earl Graffius
“This is the best book on what craziness is happening in the world today. Baxter provides proof positive citations and research proving the NWO agenda at work and what evil the elites are responsible for - no doubts about it. Even better, The Great Reset is a book about what we can do about it and that’s worth its weight in gold.”
Archie Hale
“It's not too far-fetched to believe that the power elite are looking into carrying out the globalist plan for humanity. This book is exactly what you need if you're interested in how things will happen and what you can do to protect yourself - full of spiritual wisdom and practical steps. You'll never feel like a passive player or subject again!”
Donald Zink
About the Author

Justice Baxter, known fondly as Baxter, is acknowledged as a leading expert on the New World Order. He is a world-renowned authority on free market economics and a certified specialist in AML policy. Baxter is the author of The Great Reset: A Conservative Stance Against the Global Agenda, which is the authoritative guide to a conservative Christian's perspectives on the globalist elite agenda. Justice Baxter is also one of the Vice Presidents at Fisher Capital. He publically predicted the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and crash, which inspired him to research the origins of the virus, leading to publishing The Great Reset on Independence Day of 2021.

He was raised on his family’s tea farm located on the West side of Kauai, Hawaii. As a teenager, Baxter turned his wages as a landscaper into a small fortune during the dot-com bubble. Planning to broaden his horizons, Baxter intended to pursue a baseball career with an athletic scholarship to play shortstop for the University of Arizona baseball team. He was tragically bitten by a shark on the hand while surfing at Hanalei Bay. He went on to attend the University of Arizona, studying finance, where he received summa cum laude honors and the dean's medal.

Upon graduation, Mr. Baxter traveled the world at the recommendation of his grandfather, who was an admired professor and international archeologist of the 1930s and 1940s. He visited 17 countries in just two years. From his time abroad, Baxter gained a deep appreciation of the American way of life. Returning home after 9/11, he became engrossed in the financial intricacies of the asset-backed securities market in the lead up to the Housing Bubble and 2008 Financial Crisis.

Baxter sounded a public warning before the 2008 crash, having witnessed behind the scenes greed and corruption in the banking system. This was the second major crash that Justice Baxter experienced and served as a valuable lesson for him. Baxter realized that the financial system was designed to benefit a small group of bankers and politicians rather than the American people. He turned his attention and career around, dedicating his life to God and family, while vowing to only support systems that benefited the common person and his best conscience. Baxter continues to pursue his calling, which is to benefit his family, colleagues, community, and fellow children of God.
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